Trading Systems

Moving beyond introductory spreadsheets and getting a system into a trading platform is another step to learning, testing, and finding a system that works for you. There are many trading platforms that you can choose for coding your trading system rules (or finding existing code to use or modify), backtesting against different historical data, running the system on live data in a demo account, and automating your final system in live trading. The below sections provide links to Trend Following systems you can test for free, purchase inexpensive compiled versions to test on live data, or purchase the code to fully customize a system to your preferences and risk tolerance.

MetaTrader 4 and 5

MetaTrader versions 4 and 5 are platforms you can download for free and setup free demo accounts to begin testing. For currency pairs, has MetaTrader 4 code for indicators and Trend Following Expert Advisors. For more trading options than currency pairs, has MetaTrader 5 code for indicators and Trend Following Expert Advisors.